PCG - PHP Code Generator

What is PCG?

PCG (PHP Code Generator) is a web based tool to generate dynamic PHP web site using an easy to use wizard.

How it work?

PCG follows a module based approach where user will define module for each website component. Module will contain fields and actions. User can choose the fields for each actions to generate the suitable user interface for the action.

Who can use it?

Any one can use the tool without knowing PHP or CodeIgniter and generate their website. Knowing HTML and PHP will help to customize the generated template and action view files.

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PCG Features

What is New?

We have introduced a new admin portal with many features including a analytics module. Explore the CodeIgniter admin portal in one minute. The admin portal is included in every website generated using PHP Code Generator.

Talk to us

Talk to us, if you need any help in using the PCG. We can help you not only in using PCG but also for CodeIgniter related questions. Use the contact us form to reach us.